Certified quality

The procedure and product quality is the value that is Webert main characteristic. Not abstract concepts, but a real situation certified by primary international accredited companies.


All ranges of Webert products are characterized by the use of first quality raw materials. The brass metal used for casting, forging and mechanical operations contains a very low percentage of lead in compliance with the levels fixed by the present International Norms applied to the drinking water.

Flexibiles hoses

The used flexible hoses into the full range of Webert products are in conformity with the national and international norms with regards to the materials in contact with drinking water, such as DVGW KTW Class A in Gemany, the Dutsch KIWA, the English WRAS certificate, the Swiss SVGW, the french ACS, the NSF in the United States and the australian Sai Global product certification.

Chrome plating

The quality of the coating surfaces is very important to guarantee the working life of the product: in order to obtain a perfect result all galvanic processes are completely carried out inside the factory, using modern technologies being continuously updated. The depuration plant is connected to the manufacturing machinery and uses “zero waste” methods thus reducing the environmental impact.


The painting treatments are carried out using epoxidic and atoxic powders giving the products an excellent endurance against scratches, humidity, aggressive environmental conditions and UV rays.


The packaging is carefully prepared to protect the product and guarantee the integrity and the esthetical quality up to the installation, above all in order to prevent damages during transportation. Normally packaging consists of very resistant three folded carton boxes and internally the product is protected by sponges.

Ceramic cartridges

The ceramic cartridges used in Webert products meet the requirements of the most important international standards. The 35 and 40 Ø cartridges are equipped with a double control device of flow rates and temperature, enabling the consumer to adjust flow and temperature parameters according to his needs in order to save energy and resources.


The most exclusive taps of Webert collection are produced with materials of higher quality then those used for the brass products; we indeed use the INOX AISI 304 L steel, which is the most suitable for drinking water.

Built-in products

All built-in systems of the Webert range have a double protection: a part is made of polistirene and protects the tap from the wall, in order to avoid the condensate seeps into the wall , causing damp patches or the detachment of the coating. A further protection is external and is used to protect the finished parts during the installation or the coating finishing.