A people’s company

Our story revolves around the passion.
Our history is all about passion. The one we put in our team work and in the sheer respect we have for those who choose our products.

Results have rewarded us: we have developed such expertise that allows us to always come up with new lines where beauty, functionality and durability coexist harmoniously.

100% Italian Quality

We have decided to design and make all of our products in Italy, in order to preserve the made in Italy incomparable value: cutting edge design, certainty of raw materials and top-level technology.

Quality policy

Webert company policy aims at achieving the following goals:

  • Provide the customers with service in compliance with contract terms. The service is managed to gain the best results in terms of reliability (producing the requested model with appropriate resources and within the set time) and delivery terms according to current regulations.
  • Satisfy customers’ requests.
  • Adopt the Quality Management System to properly control the order management process, from the client’s contract to the execution of the work.
  • Analyze the risks of the processes to reduce the effects while increasing the opportunities.
  • Promptly manage potential non-compliant events and define appropriate and efficient solutions.

We care about the environment

We pay the utmost attention to the impact of processing. We evaluate the environment performances of the whole production cycle, excluding the use of polluting substances and adopting innovative technologies based on hydric and energy efficiency.

Selected materials

All ranges of Webert products are characterized by the use of first quality raw materials.